Many firms choose to focus their representation on landlords or tenants exclusively. The real estate lawyers at Niven & Smith, LLP focus instead on the legal issues involved and, more importantly, the help needed to resolve these legal issues, regardless of whether the client is the property owner or the tenant. Representing both tenants and property owners allows Niven & Smith’s attorneys to understand all sides of the issues. In many instances, they can anticipate and respond effectively to the strategies used by their adversaries.

Experienced Real Estate Advocates

Advocating for a client in a landlord-tenant matter requires a broad range of legal knowledge and skill. Niven & Smith’s lawyers have decades of experience in real estate litigation and transactional matters, allowing them to provide expansive representation to clients in both commercial and residential leases

The lawyers at Niven & Smith handle all issues concerning landlord-tenant law on behalf of both landlords and tenants, which include issues such as:

  • Evictions and unlawful detainers (all types, fault or no-fault, residential or commercial)
  • Lease disputes and enforcement (residential and commercial)
  • Commercial and residential leases and addenda
  • Rent Board petitions, arbitrations, and mediations
  • Habitability claims
  • Tenancy buyouts
  • Lease assignments
  • Lease extensions and renewals
  • Parking, storage, and pet agreements
  • Landlord-tenant legal notices
  • Premises liability
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Rent control issues
  • Rent increase notices
  • Security deposit issues
  • Wrongful evictions and constructive evictions
  • Harassment and nuisance claims